A lot of postings from Italian Fans

Liverpool Football Club

Seems Milan are not well liked.

I must say they were class in the first half, they cut us to pieces,
although we were unlucky not to get a penalty before they scored
their second.

I dont think they knew what hit them in the second half, but from then
on it could have gone either way.
Way to redeem yourself Dudek !!!

We are the CHAMPIONS !!!!
and we get to keep the real one :)

The "real" one?
We have won the European Cup 5 times,
so you get to keep the "real" trophy and
don't have to just commission a replica.

Yes..the real one...if you win 3 in a row you keep it, if you win 5 total 
you keep it...otherwise you hand it back for the next final and are given a 
"copy" to keep
Without a hint of irony, nobby astounded uk.sport.football.clubs.liverpool at

Not sure about that.  I think you're given permission to get a copy made...