Attention Le Dieu!

Liverpool Football Club

How do you think it's going to pan out Sunday then?  Still a bit nervy? 
 I really can't pick one or the other it's that tight. United have the 
edge with their goal difference of course but they're away from home 
against a side that hasn't lost at home since Christmas.

Well, either way, whoever wins it deserves it - your goal difference is 
testimony to your ability to deliver on your attacking instincts; 
sadly, Arsenal fell short though they certainly matched you in the 
instincts if not the delivery.

But you surely have to credit Chelsea too? I'm simply amazed they are 
where they are today. And no matter what you might like to think they 
are there simply because they can play football.  Not the way you like 
it perhaps, butfootball nonetheless, and if they win the title, they 
will have bettered an excellent United side, an outstanding Arsenal 
side, and a supposedly resurgent Liverpool side, in the year they lost 
their talismanic manager and whatever else.

Either way, good luck to both clubs ion the weeks ahead - it's been a 
good season with some brilliant football and let's just be thankful we 
have eyes and ears to enjoy and love the Beautiful Game.  Au revoir et 
bon chance!
Pope Pompous XVIII laid this down on his screen :

Credit to Chelsea Pope but they do have a very big squad of players and 
over a season they should be where they are now.  I honestly believe 
they could have put Bernie Grant in charge and they would be where they 
are now.

Utd have already won it as far as I am concerned.  United will stick 
about 4 on them.
I thought Bernie Grant was in charge now ???

But in fact, the massive size of the Chelsea squad is another popular 
misconception.  They carry less players than the other top 3 clubs.
Maybe surprisingly, Liverpool carry most.

I wonder what the total cost of the players at Chelsea cost compared to 
My source could be wrong but a quick look at the named squads for each team 
gives :

Chelsea 33 players
Liverpool 33 players
Arsenal 31 players
Man United 30 players
You could also be right. I was going by one source and looking only at 
numbered players. Chelsea had 27....most of the others over 30

This was probably accurate at the start of the 08 season because I 
remember being surprised when I read that Jose M was going to run with 
25 plus 2 reserve keepers at Chelsea.  Far less than I thought they had.