Didi - City have more support in Manchester than Utd

Liverpool Football Club

Well done agent Didi.

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fuckin loner .......
Did Hamman is no loner mate.
He's certainly on his own if he thinks Man City have more support than Man 
UTD, mate.
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In Manchester they do, fact
Actually its fiction


Just a little cut from the document

numerically there are more Manchester United season ticket
holders living in the ‘M’ postal area. However, there is a greater 
proportion of Manchester City’s total number of season ticket holders 
who live in an ‘M’ post-code district. As such, a randomly-selected 
Season Ticket holder in the 4 M postal area is more likely to be a 
Manchester United fan; whilst a randomly selected season ticket holder 
at Manchester City is more likely to live within the ‘M’ postal area. 
Below we provide both a tabular and a graphic representation of the 
distribution of Season Ticket holders for each club across Manchester.
and silence.......................
Er... just reading the above extract there is one very obvious flaw in this 
document (and I say obvious but clearly Diablos can't spot it...). The 
document was produced in 2001 and is based solely on season ticket holders. 
The number of City season ticket holders increased considerably when we 
moved to Eastlands, ergo the figures quoted are completed out of date and of 
no current significance.
There are a few flaws in your argument The main being even though 
capacity has grown at eastlands by 13,500 your average attendance has 
only gone up by 8,000, Man utd over the same period extended its 
capacity by 15000, and well increased average attendance by 15,000

Citys average attendance in 2001 was 34000 Citys average attendance this 
season is 42000. An increase of 8000. Even if everyone of them is a new 
season ticket holder and comes from Manchester the numbers would still 
mean there would be 3000 less than Utds "Manchester season ticket 
holders of 2001". Since which time as I have pointed out Utd's average 
attendance has risen by 15,000 It would of course be reasonable to 
expect one or two of the 15,000 come from Manchester.

I do agree that season ticket holders isn't a definitive measure of the 
demographic of Manchester's Football fans however it pours cold water on 
statements like "more City fans in Manchester than United fans" 
especially on those who claim it as a fact.
Oh Bungle you have forced me to open the stupid report, which I was 
desperately trying not to as I have more important things to do. I stopped 
reading on page 3, which is where I discovered why you are called 'Bungle'. 
Section 5.2, Number of Season Ticket Holders in M Postal Area (which is what 
I thought we were arguing about). City 6678, Utd 7808. Thus the difference 
back in 2001 was slight and could quite easily have tipped the other way 
now. But we don't know because we don't have current figures.
So you are of an opinion there is no proof that this current moment in 
time there are more city fans in Manchester than Utd. Which was the 
original point I was demonstrating. As such claiming it as a fact is 
would be utter stupidity?

So even though Utd have increased their attendance in compared to City 
since 2001 to the tune of almost double city's increase. You believe on 
balance the figures may of tipped the other way rather than gotten wider 
in Utds favour.

Again you missed the whole point anyway which is claims that city have 
more supporters in Manchester than Utd's is stupid. Your determination 
to score against utd fans Highlighting the futility of such comments 
rather than post against the fool who claimed it as a fact rather 
highlights your bitterness.
Er... It was *you* who made the false claim that "the numbers would still 
mean there would be 3000 less than Utds", not me. Now a decent man would 
apologise for that, but if it makes you feel better calling me bitter and 
stupid, then by all means indulge yourself.
Er I wasn't referring to you making false claims I was referring to the 
poster I linked the report to originally. The person who you didn't 
respond to when he claimed more city fans than utd fans in Manchester 
fact. No you responded to the Utd fan who disproved that this wasn't a 
fact at all. Get down from your high horse and actually get the point.

Now I didn't call you stupid just bitter do I get an apology?
Why would I respond to it? I've got zero interest in anything scrotex posts.

It was you who first waded in quoting 'facts' from this report, not me. Eg 
"numerically there are more Manchester United season ticket holders living 
in the ‘M’ postal area." I merely pointed out that many things have changed 
since 2001 and there's no current evidence to support that statement. You 
seem to be now saying the same thing, so for the life of me I can't work out 
why you're arguing against me and claiming that I don't get the point.

Well, having re-read your comments, you are indeed correct in this respect 
and so I apologise for saying that you called me stupid.
The point being that the original poster claiming more city fans in 
manchester than utd fans fact has no basis to make this comment on. I 
accept things may of changed etc etc and I agree with you who knows.

Clearly you aint stupid

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Last time you saw one of them it was your mothers wrapped around your head.
When a rag resorts to the bitter tag they're admitting that they've lost 
the argument.
If it looks like a duck
quacks like a duck

You know the rest Bertie
Lots of Kopites losing in your newsgroups then. Go figure.
Then why is it so quiet at OT? Even Slur Alex noticed. Surely a stadium full 
of true Mancs would be a bit louder?
Utd generate more noise than anyone you sing your loudest when you sing 
about us. ;-)

Seriously though I am not claiming we are full of mancs far from it the 
report clearly indicates our crowd is more diluted in as far as mancs go 
in comparison to city, no one will deny that. Its the dilution and day 
trippers that affect us. Success has its drawbacks I guess.
Well I didn't read the original post, but based on the header are you
saying that a comment by Didi Hamman should be taken as read then?

Hamman as I recall isn't exactly known for his ability to be very sure
about things.  Didn't he sign for one club then 2 days later realised
he'd made a mistake and then signed for another club?


Bernie The Bolt
and silence.......................

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And so have Manchester Uniteds when we added vast new areas of seating or 
have you forgot about that? if you can find a more recent survey I'm sure 
that it would be very similar percentage wise.

Plus my retort still stood, from a flurry of posts in this thread and 
continued posting in the Man United NG by the various trolls this thread 
seemed to go strangely quite once the above report was posted.
We can argue about how many of the new season ticket holders for each club 
are based in Manchester but the fact is that we don't know. Your point just 
reinforces mine - the figures are completely out of date and thus no current 
conclusions can be drawn from them.
Even if you account for the 8,000 more people who have come to watch 
city since 2001 and say they represented a season ticket holder from 
Manchester you still would be 3,000 behind Utds 2001 figure.
I have replied to your flawed logic elsewhere.
Yeah like your flawed logic in only accounting for citys change of 
circumstances since 2001

I was doing some maths on taking the %ages from the season ticket 
holders and transferring to total gate.

using the 40% city fans from Manchester 29% United fans from Manchester 
taken from report on season ticket holders and compounding with total 
fans in the ground.

42,000 @ 40% - 16,800
76,000 @ 29% - 22,040

Again not exact but there are no stats to back up the so called fact 
that there are more city fans than utd fans in Manchester. What ever way 
you cut it.
So what you're saying is that you are unable to draw a logical conclusion 
from past fact and present trend?
If we knew the present trend, we could indeed extrapolate. Do you have any 
hard figures for how many of the new City and Utd season ticket holders live 
in the M postcode areas?
No I don't but considering that the report was from 6 years ago which is 
hardly a lifetime, and that United had 30% more fans who owned season 
tickets in the local area than City did, it's going to be one hell of a 
swing to turn things round.  Add to that fact that Uniteds season tickets 
numbers have risen more than Citys as well and it all points to the logical 
answer that United would still be top.

You're trying to be too much of a smart arse lad.
30% more in the locality? Where exactly does the report say that, lad?
You're a  bright wee thing do the maths of the stats that YOU posted.
OK, you've confused me now. I posted "Number of Season Ticket Holders in M 
Postal Area City 6678, Utd 7808." That was just 1130 more, which is 17%, 
some way off 30%?
As I said in my reply that didn't go to the City NG I may have exaggerated 
slightly the percentage.  Still a significant turnaround would be needed.
Apparently not.
No-one is disputing the 'fact' that there are more Manchester United fans
with M postcodes than there are Manchester City fans.

The difference being that the majority of Manchester United fans live in the
ME and MK postal areas.
You have obviously not read the whole thread at least 3 people are 
disputing it.
Hilarious and for your next trick I suppose you'll do an aeroplane 
Wondered how long before aeroplanes and obtuse references to Munich would 
crop up. Like the rest of your ilk, you haven't yet realised that the 
tragedy is to be commemorated and not exploited for capital gain.
Yes that retort would definitely lead you to make such an assumption, you 
sad old fool.
They tried that at munich airport years ago but look what happned.

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dodgy documents.

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this one of those dodgy uni documents ?

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Your very existence on here is thanks to Manchester University unfortunately

ffs, that phil dr. white from wolverhampton still following me around 
like a bad rash.

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