Dirk Kuyt - Legend

Liverpool Football Club

Gets head stapled ON THE FIELD during match.  LOL.

Never seen a player so happy just to be able to play football.

WTH used his keyboard to write :

Did you see him having to come inside onto his right-foot every single 
time he received the ball on the left?

Watch the game again and you will see just how limited a player he is. 
The only thing he has in his favour is his workrate and undying 
commitment, but if you're a donkey then that's what you expect, and 
even then it doesn't always work out the way you expect:


Yeah, what does more than a hundred caps for Holland mean?  Nothing apparently.  What do they know about football.  LOL.
WTH explained :

You didn't answer my question: did you see him having to come back 
inside every single time because he was unable to beat his man on the 

If ever a player represented the demise of the modern game, it's action 
men like Dirk Kuyt and Mascherano. Sub-standard players who can't 
control, can't pass, can't cross, can't get past a player. The only 
reason people think they're any good is that they're good at recovery 
tackles, but if they were any good in the first place they would never 
have been forced to make these recovery tackles. no wonder the Fat 
Fraud loved them.
You mean like Philipp Lahm, probably the best right back of the World Cup, because he had to do the same thing.  Why would you think that a player isn't good if they can't beat a player to the outside?  LOL.

His only limitation is that he's not a great dribbler; but, I guess you know better than the Dutch national squad.

Yeah, again, the only people who seem to think Kuyt is crap are in this group and despise Rafael Benitez.  Funny that.

I answered above.

So, please answer mine.  Do you think you know better than the Dutch national team?

You really pick odd examples.  Mascherano was absolutely outstanding and lauded heavily for his performances.

Barcelona and the Argentinian national team - what retards, eh?  LOL.

The Dutch team who cheated their way past Mexico? The Dutch team who 
couldn't score in the semis? The Dutch team who scraped a scoreless 
draw against Costa Rica in the quarters? The Dutch team who barely made 
it past the lowest-ranked team in the tournament, Australia?

Oh, that Dutch team? The Dutch team who have won just one solitary 
European Championship and no World Cups in 110 years?

Yes, that Dutch team.

No wonder they never get anywhere. As I said earlier, a donkey, and no 
amount of tireless running disguises that fact. Only fools fall for 
him. Folls like the Fat Fraud, who had his name down first on every 
single team sheet he possibly could have put it on.
So, is that a "yes" or a "no" that you know better than the Dutch national team?

WTH explained :

The answer, obviously, is Yes.
Pope Pompous XVIII expressed precisely :

Johan Cruyff would be surprised to hear that you know better than he does...

WTH formulated on Tuesday :

My parents took me on a trip with the P&O from San Juan to Acapulco via 
the Panama Canal and the highlight of the trip for the 95% American 
passengers was "lip-sync", I think that is what they called it.  We 
were totally speechless at the time.  What do you think of that then ?

We never would never holiday again with Americans after that and I just 
couldn't make the connection with this crowd and NASA.
I've no idea what you're referring to cowpoke...

WTH used his keyboard to write :

The idiots were miming to records ffs !  I am talking about adults if 
you please.  I would have shown the same disgust if the ship had sunk !
Baldoni expressed precisely :

How utterley distasteful old man...
Don't tell me that 'Pirate Radio' lied to me with all those Brits singing and dancing to rock music...

     WTH ;)
WTH explained on 16/07/2014 :

I hear you both.

These days, wherever possible, I try to limit my holiday companions to 
bigoted Irish schoolteachers...
WTH pretended :

Did I ever tell you about Raymond Burr aboard the QE2 ?
Baldoni submitted this idea :

How many suitcases did he have old man?
What did that mendacious Canadian get up to that time?
WTH wrote on 17/07/2014 :

He was with his "friend" a tall black fellow who had an afro and a pair 
of Ruppert The Bear trousers (trews) and he made a wise-crack to the 
waiter (an old hand) about taking me below decks to see the "golden 
rivet" !  The Chief Engineer was sat at our table and after much 
laughter he advised me to run like hell if a seaman mentioned the 
golden rivet.  One can run around a ship mid crossing but it's 
impossible to get off.
I thought only the English believed in the golden rivet ;)...  And, I'm starting to think you were RN.  Lol.

WTH used his keyboard to write :

I'm sure he'd be just as surprised to hear you can read his mind. Is 
there anything you *don't* know?
I don't have to read his mind, I can read his words... :)

WTH submitted this idea :

You've read somewhere that Johan Cruyff would be surprised to hear that 
I know better than he does?
No, that he thinks Kuyt is a good player.  If you were referring to what you allude just now, nobody has to read his mind, it's quite obvious that not only does he know more about football than you (or I), that he'd be surprised to find somebody like yourself claiming otherwise...  It's what we call 'common sense.'

Oh, so now it's just "Kuyt is a good player"?

There are loads of "good" players in football. The question is, is Kuyt 
good enough for teams with aspirations of winning the World Cup? Is he 
good enough for teams with aspirations of winning the Premier League?

The answer is quite obviously no, he's not.

Your other point about footballers and ex-footballers "knowing more" 
about football than the average punter on the street is so laughable 
it's hardly worthy of an answer. Do we have to write out a list of 
dopey footballers for you? Many footballers throughout history have 
been famously "slack-witted", for want of a better expression. You make 
it sound as though football is some esoteric discipline only the 
initiates can understand. This of course is what Benitez wanted people 
to think, to justify his fat wallet and the ever-expanding waistline 
that went with it. The truth is football is a simple game and doesn't 
require any arcane knowledge. If football management is all about 
flapping your fat arms on the sideline and putting 13 players on the 
whiteboard at half-time in a Champions League final as Rafa did then 
believe me, any one of us would make a brilliant football manager.
"It's just"?  You are claiming he's not a good player, in point of fact you claim that he is "sub-standard."

Actually, it's quite clearly the opposite.  In a team that made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup he was a major player.  LOL.

I'm sorry, but I am only talking about Johan Cruyff, you know, the one who espoused the Total Football philosophy and influenced and/or managed many great footballers and great clubs.


Pope Pompous XVIII formulated on Wednesday :

I wouldn't worry too much about WTH has to say old boy, he's the type 
of American man that would call a ship a boat !
Actually, I wouldn't, unless it was a submarine. ;)
Baldoni brought next idea :

Yes I know all about his type old boy. Christopher Columbus must be 
kicking himself in his grave after seeing how they turned out!
Pope Pompous XVIII formulated on Thursday :

Are you saying you can read Christopher Columbus's mind?
More like he's saying he's never heard of St Brendan



michael adams

michael adams brought next idea :

"Saint Brendan's feast day is celebrated on 16 May by Catholics, 
*Anglicans*, and Eastern Orthodox Christians."

I've highlighted the problem for you.

He won't tell you, hell will freeze over before then

I see Pope Pumparse is still attacking all the ex Liverpool players that played under Rafa, he's still so sad and bitter, the irony is he thinks every player Houllier bought was world class