Everton - 4th best performing team in England, 3rd best performing team in Europ

Liverpool Football Club


(waits for Scrotex the Armchair and Changboy Zal to throw a hissy

Bernie The Bolt
gets a bit harder in Europe now, Bernard....

In all seriousness, how do you think your style of non
football would have done against Inter Milan (even with 10 men), Lyon, Real 
Madrid or Barcelona, the clubs the big teams
faced last week. I will tell you, you would have got pummelled.

Your "in England" is wrong too. You have more points than Liverpool, quite 
correct, however you have played more games.
Additionally, you other performance indicators, goals for, against, lost 
etc, are far worse.

So, the correct header would have been

Everton - 4th in the league table at the moment, but performing far worse 
than Liverpool on the whole and more likely to finish 5th, doing well in the 
second rate European competition that no one rally takes seriously and 
likely to go out fairly soon.

I appreciate that would have been a fucker of a header, though, despite its 
You missed the major performance indicator games won how are Everton 
compared to Liverpool on them?

Won three lost three is better than won two drawn four ?
Your initial argument was regarding individual performance indicators 
like lost, goals for, goals against etc etc so I pointed out that you 
missed the games won one out. Now you got owned on that one you bring a 
different indicator up a combined win/draw/loss over I assume 6 games. 
Can you not just stick to one method and not just look for one that 
backs your argument. Lets just put it in simple terms Everton are 3 
points clear of you. You have a game in hand. The stats suggest that you 
haven't even won half of your games so it isn't an automatic you will 
win that game so as it stands Everton domestically have the edge. End of.

the only indicator that really matters is points, but that doesn't matter 
until its final.

At the moment, Everton have more points than Liverpool (having
played more games), but their inconsistency....i.e. lost more, goals etc,
leads me to believe that Liverpool will finish higher, quite easily if I am 
totally honest.

My response was to Bernard. I suggest its probably better to leave him to 
fight is own
battles, in order to avoid you looking like a retarded tosspot too.

Owned ? Where on earth did you get that from my friend. I spit out little
people like you in real life, let alone in this virtual brothel. Come back 
when you
grow pubes
Your stupidity and lack of intelligence is now in google files for 
eternity for all the world to see. The Internet hardman is the last 
resort of a man beaten by his own stupidity.
not at all....check the table today to see I am proved right....OWNED :-)

By the way, I am aware I am in the google files forever, I am in a lot
since 1994 actually, with lots of different names too. I sleep OK :-)
How can I be owned a) you say you will finish 4th is the league 
finished? b) I never said you wouldn't finish fourth I said you 
conveniently missed vital historical data (i.e. games won) and that at 
that moment in time Everton have a slight advantage they were three 
points clear you had a game in hand but had statistically at that point 
not even won half your games how hard is it to understand that? So 
unfortunately you can never be proved right as all I said was you 
ignored vital data to which only an idiot would not admit to doing. 
Please do keep up, oh and owned. ;-)
because I use owned as randomly as you do my friend. I don't actually know
what it means. Is it a term you picked up of your abuser ?
Ah its just a bit of fun to be honest no need to get your knickers in a 
twist just when you present an argument try not to be so obvious in your 
deliberate misusage of stats it makes you an easy target. Predictions 
based on statistical data can only be that - a prediction. The more 
valid data that is used, can make any predictions more accurate and 
ignoring important ones less so (this is a major factor in how bookies 
arrive at odds on events) but if it was right all the time the 
favourites in all sporting events would always win.
Oh dear boulder gets his argument shot down in flames yet again ... have 
you are tried thinking about what you write before for post more bollocks?

p.s. "I spit out little people like you in real life, ..." PMSL here - 
have you been watching too many films Mr. Internet hardman?
Yep the internet hardman has been completely owned and comes out all 
hard  and aggressive. His retarded arguments are completely flawed as he 
ignored the win column but choose the for and against column as better 
indicators what a tit. Yes Everton are three points clear and Liverpool 
have a game in hand but he ignores that Liverpool have not won half the 
league matches they have played so it suggests that the game in hand is 
not a certain three points. He realises his analysis of the league table 
gets shot down so changes to the last 6 games and gets all uppity when 
this is pointed out to him, What he didn't point out in the last 6 
Everton were denied a clear goal at the end of one of the games which 
would of turned a draw into a win and although not reflected in the 
table reflects on their performance. He really must be hurting.
Or to sum up the above ... he's a bit of a tit!

oh the fucking irony, hey Lawrence?

pmsl :-)