Gerrard, Hendo, Sterling, Super Mario, Mignolet

Liverpool Football Club

Gerrard - always rises to the occasion for the blue noses, excellent free kick (that's how you do it Super Mario!)

Hendo - I think he was great.  He's easy to overlook somehow, but he played really well.

Sterling - Not his best day, but that just makes him a good footballer.  He seemed to get the ball too far up the pitch to really pull Everton apart as much as we've gotten used to.

Mario - He didn't score, but any doubts about him working his socks off should be allayed by now.  He did everything but score.  Hope this attitude lasts.

Mignolet - Let me preface this by saying there are attributes to Mignolet's game that, I think, are among the best in the world - but taking charge IS NOT one of them.  Anytime a ball comes floating in, or is bouncing awkwardly I can virtually guarantee you that he's standing frozen to the spot in his 6 yard box.  I'm surprised Lovren/Sakho/Skrtel haven't taken him out behind the woodshed to beat that out of him.
WTH laid this down on his screen :

Indeed, however SG is becomming a liability, we need someone for 
set-pieces and I'm not convinced it's MB. Sturridge maybe but we need a 
Suarez-esque or SG figure for that.

He's so good, doesn't hold the ball long.

He was wasteful.

Just needs to sharpen up a bit, showing a little more tenacity against 
the toffees though.

Rumours suggest he may be on his way out.