It's not all bad

Liverpool Football Club

The Jocks are out of the Rugby World Cup, Labour are on their way out of 
Downing Street and Zal the self-appointed fans spokesman (1943-present) is 
off to China so he can pay to get laid.
Have you moved your *stalking* obsession away from scoopex on to me now?

Soft cunt.

Funny as fuck to be honest

Nah, I just make fun of whoever happens to be talking the most shit at the 
time. Last week Popey, this week you.

You really shouldn't take it so seriously.
Try yourself then, you *always* talk shite

Even Scoopex beat you to that line.

Funny, when I was arguing with him and Popey, you thought everything I 
posted was great. POTW, etc. Whats changed, my little have-to-pay-for-sex 
you always talk shite.

lol. :)