Juventus Poor or Liverpool Good

Liverpool Football Club

All the talk atm is that Juventus were so poor but i just think Rafa got his
tactics perfect and stopped Juventus playing the quick football. Whatever
the outcome of the semi finals i think to reach there and to reach the final
of another tournament as well with the injuries we have had is superb.

When you reach the fecking semifinals in the Champions League, it's no
accident anymore! Our tactics were followed through, the players were
running their asses off, and Juventus got no space to play their
quickpass-quickgoal play. Del Piero sucked rocks, Zlatan even bigger

This is nothing short of fantastic! We were playing (for 90 minutes!)
with a player who's been out for months, and one who nearly had to
ampuate his foot for the last 15. My god, if this isn't an
achievement...I don't know what is!

... and, to kick that arrogant 5-year old Mourinho out of the
tournament...wouldn't that be SWEET?! ;)