OFFICIAL: Liverpool supporters the loudest

Liverpool Football Club

LIVERPOOL boast the Premier League’s loudest supporters, according to 
research by the Fan Chants website.

The Reds have knocked FA Cup finalists Stoke City off top spot with 
noise levels having risen by nearly 40% to 95 decibels since Kenny 
Dalglish took over as manager in January.

Michael Dennis, Fan Chants managing director said: “We have taken a 
series of measurements on the terraces of each club’s home ground and 
averaged this out across games and the season.”

Everton were placed fourth on 86 decibels with Wolves, West Brom and 
Fulham occupying the bottom three spots.

Full table: 1 Liverpool 97 decibels; 2 Man Utd 94; 3 Aston Villa 89; 4 
Everton 86; 5 Blackpool 85; 6 Stoke 83; 7 Newcastle 82; 8 West Ham 81; 9 
Chelsea 80; 10 Sunderland 80; 11 Arsenal 77; 12 Wigan 72; 13 Man City 
71; 14 Tottenham 70; 15 Blackburn 67; 16 Birmingham 70; 17 Bolton 69; 18 
Wolves 69; 19 West Brom 67; 20 Fulham 65

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