OT bosses at energy giant Centrica shared a £16million bonanza last year

Liverpool Football Club

But they do work hard.
I would hate to have to go through live envious of what others have 
achieved Ron. It must make you a very bitter man.
Mozzer explained :

me bitter? ha 2 children 1 in Uni 1 top recruit in Army promotion in 
job i have been in for only 6 months, still good looking wife mortgage 
12,000 in credit Elec 55 Gas 140 not scared to post my own photo and 
In my experience, the people who keep banging on about the alleged 
achievements of themselves and their family are the ones who are least 
happy. Content people tend not to keep pushing their promotions, new cars, 
gas bills and partner's beauty/earning capacity down everyone else's 

Just saying.
To be fair, Mozzer brought this approach out and Ron is simply responding.  I don't either of them is pulling a Scoopex either ;).

"Pull it"...
You mentioned something the other day and your Lapdog went along with 
it,Just saying.
Now now Ron, I know I touched a nerve but there's no need to be spiteful.
Mentalguy2k8 wrote on 26/09/2013 :

You hate being a poor Tory,end of.
Ummm, OK.
So why always post against those that have done better?

I am the reverse mate, I am a boring sod,prefer ISA's to taking a risk 
with business. I will never be rich but have a few bob in the bank 
because I have been responsible and saved.

On the other hand my brother is a loon, he put his entire house up as 
guarantee to borrow  a massive amount from the banks. He has worked hard 
for the last 30 years building his business 7 days a week and paying it 
all back. Now it is paying dividends after all the hard work, he has a 
£1m plus home and has just bought a diesel pusher Motorhome for £375k 
and is living the good life.

It just seems that in your world you consider him to be the twat because 
he has just received a "massive bonus" and the feckless lazy cunt who 
lives in a 3 bedroom council house is the "Victim" because they are 
being forced to move to a smaller home or lose some of their benefits 
even though they have never done a days work in their pathetic lives.

Both of us were brought up in a 2 bedroom terraced house with an outside 
bog to piss in so cannot be described as privileged.

I just don't get it tbh.
That's all great but what risk do energy companies take for their now 
huge salaries? If they rip people off will customers stop using their 
energy and go somewhere else. People who work in utilities should only 
be rewarded bonuses if they produce the lowest prices to customers out 
of any rivals in their industry. In other words the bonus should be 
based on price to the customer, not profit made by the company. This 
could be rewarded as a tax break to the generator producing the lowest 
price to shared among their staff.
on 25/09/2013, Mozzer supposed :

No i dont consider him a twat far from it,the twats are the poeople who 
run Elec gas companies and award themselves millions in bonuses for 
doing what? people ran them companies for far less wages befor 
1986,they have not built said companies up,and why are the lazy cunts 
still not being made to work after 3 and a half years of a condem gov? 
and the ratio of 1 bedroom council v 3 bedroom is?
Ron formulated on Wednesday :

And you said "So why always post against those that have done better?"
don't be a dick like who? George osborne? the Bankers? the corporate