Question about rivalry from a US Liverpool fan

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Google England, do Liverpool fans hate Everton more than United?

I'm in the odd weird position of having no dislike whatsoever for
Everton.  I actually quite like them.

Yeah, I may get webbed feet for that statement, but the ones I truly
dislike are the Mancs.
No,I'd say a few(LFC fans) do or come close but I reckon the 
overhwelming majority hate the mancs far far far FAR more.
The BS hate the mans to you know, well, plenty of them do.
Eveyone hates the mancs ;-)

weird is the word for that indeed.
I don't dislike them either tbh but I don't LIKE them.

May your god bless you then.

i fucking despise everton.

i dislike them *so* much more than united.

losing to everton is unbearable.

however i have no problem with their fans as many of my friends go and 
watch the blues.

however, utd fans are insufferable arseholes.

hope you found this insightful.

dope man
What a load of bull.  Any real Liverpool fan will always hate the BS
over the mancs.  Of course we hate the mancs with a vengeance, but the
BS are worse.  I guess it depends on where you're from.  If you're
from Liverpool, you'd usually hate the BS before the mancs, but if
you're not, then I guess it could be the other way around.
Rubbish. Round our way you get families mixed up with some Blue, some Red. 
If you get the odd gobshite born a Manc, he's given up for adoption, no 
questions asked.
Round our way you get mixed families as well, the wife is a bluenose
kids are reds.
Wife was gutted at the end of champions league final.
When it comes to football we hate each other much more than manu.

Anyway for those of you who were around or remember, who did you want
to win the 1985 FA cup final?

or how about this scenario,
Last game of season Man U V BS
if MU win they win the league and BS are relegated,
if BS win they stay up and chelsea win the league.
who would you want to win(draws don't count)

Fair point.

Match abandoned, result decided based on corner kicks taken throughout the 
BS to go down. Its much harder IMO to get back up. you know the assets get 
sold first. usualy the better players hand in the transfer request.
Yes the mancs would of won the league but they still would be in our 
Blue, some Red.
adoption, no

I think it's fair to say that there would be a few questions
asked about it's parentage... ;-)
i really wish i hadn't used however twice.

i feel embarrassed.

dope man
"dope man" wrote in on Sat, 30 Jul 2005 

The "double however" is an easy trap to fall into.
it might be rich coming from be, but maybe you should feel embarrased about 
you lower case i's maybe a big I would of been better? :)

again I apologise, just have so many people picking up on my english I 
thought I'd try it and see what all the fuss was about

i have been on this forum for over seven years.

i don't do upper case.

dope man
You have a certain style which I like.  It is a style which has been moulded 
over the last few years.  I appreciate your style.

cock off


thank you sir.

dope man
And so you should.