Ronaldo Lucky?

Liverpool Football Club

He was booked in the 2nd half, then did an outrageous dive on the edge of 
the box. Another day, he has to sit out the final - he really needs to 
think, the wee lad.
Graybags brought next idea :

He is a flat track bully.  He needs to step up to the plate against big 
clubs in big matches.
He is still a winger. It's funny how people still only judge him on goals 
scored. No goals=crap performance.

Didn't he score in both matches against Arsenal. Or maybe they don't count 
as a big club.
I might be wrong here but isn't he the top scorer in the Champions League?

Didn't he score a vital goal against Roma away to help us through?

Isn't he a winger not a striker?


A. Dieu.
No, he's a striker. He may drift to the wings, but he plays through the 
middle much more than a traditional winger would.