manchester united fans define irony.

Liverpool Football Club

chant to chelsea fans.

'where were you when you were shit?'

man united average attendance 1988/89    36,847.

fucking gobshites.

dope man
That would be one of the  years that building construction restricted
our attendances, if you check you'll find that capacity was around
your building work took place in 1992/93.

another united fan that knows fuck all about the club.

86/87    40,625
87/88    39,216
88/89    36,847
89/90    39,077

take you four years to build a stand did it?

where were you when you were shit?

dope man
"dope man" wrote in on Wed, 

Don't be a "ming-mong"

They were probably the highest attendances in the country in 
those years.
Lets examine our attendances since lets say....1957?

  1957/58 - 1st
1958/59 - 1st
1959/60 - 2nd
1960/61 - 3rd
1961/62 - 5th*
1962/63 - 5th*
1963/64 - 3rd*
1964/65 - 1st
1965/66 - 2nd
1966/67 - 1st
1967/68 - 1st
1968/69 - 1st
1969/70 - 1st
1970/71 - 2nd Ground building restricts capacity
1971/72 - 2nd Ground building restricts capacity
1972/73 - 1st 
1973/74 - 1st (despite being relegated)
1974/75 - 1st (in the country, despite being in Div 2)
1975/76 - 1st
1976/77 - 1st
1977/78 - 1st
1978/79 - 1st
1979/80 - 1st
1980/81 - 1st
1981/82 - 1st
1982/83 - 1st
1983/84 - 1st
1984/85 - 1st
1985/86 - 1st
1986/87 - 1st
1987/88 - 2nd Ground building restricts capacity
1988/89 - 2nd Ground building restricts capacity
1989/90 - 1st
1990/91 - 1st
1991/92 - 1st
1992/93 - 2nd Ground building restricts capacity
1993/94 - 1st
1994/95 - 1st
1995/96 - 1st
1996/97 - 1st
1997/98 - 1st
1998/99 - 1st
1999/00 - 1st
2000/01 - 1st
2001/02 - 1st
2002/03 - 1st
2003/04 - 1st

    I believe this shows "where we were when we were shit"

  I'll wait for you to post Liverpool's...or anyone elses!
What do the asterisks for 1961-4 indicate?
I did a cut and paste and forgot to delete the asterisks, however they
were there to indicate stadium work reducing capacity

Pretty impressive stats considering the increases in train fair from the 
south to the Manchester.


I'd take being more successful over higher gates thanks.
As you have been for the last 14 years or so?
The phone rang while zubov was doing the ironing, resulting in the 3rd 
degree burn to the ear, visible for all in to guffaw over.

When it gets past 26 years I'll worry.

I used to always love that T-shirt with a picture of Nelson Mendella being 
released and the quote "You're telling me Man U still haven't won the 
Well you've got 12 years to practise then.
I see...

Come in here and blow off steam about our attendances, get called out
on it and change the subject. I'll take that for embarrassment on your
Did I ?
To be fair it was Dope man that started it, but you didn't take too
much time to join in
Pity you're getting neither these days isn't it you scouse twat!

I'm pretty sure that, even though they look low, they were still the
best average attendances for the old 1st Division those seasons.
Unlike your shithole at Anfield we built more than one stand.

  What you didn't put in your stats is the attendance positions, so
here  you go

86/87 finished  in 11th position, attendance was the 2nd best in the

87/88 finished in 2nd position, attendance was 2nd best in the country

88/89 finished in 11th position, attendance was 2nd best in country

89/90 finished in 13th position, attendance was best in country.

    You can't win any games talking about our attendances mate, we
have the best supported club in England (overall since ww2).
  Shall we talk about how our attendances were better than Liverpools
while Liverpool were in the old First Div and we were in the second?

    Where were you when you were shit??
Same place he is now - in denial.

Manchester United & Proud
(Mancunian and proud, in attendance throughout the 80's & proud)
no it wasn't.